Welcome to Australia Family Day Care

Australia Family Day Care Scheme is a network of experienced and registered educators who provide care for other people’s children in their own home. Educators have been carefully selected and supervised and operate under the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Educators and Coordination Units are accessed and rated against the National Quality Standard to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Children aged between the age of 6 weeks and 12 years are nurtured in a small group setting and through the Educators individualized programming are encouraged to further develop their skills and knowledge.

A Career in Family Day Care - Is this the Business for you?

Operating a Family Day Care business not only offers you the opportunity of a very rewarding career, it also allows you to work from home and be self - employed. The benefits are: A unique home - based career. Unique opportunities to provide a quality Family - focussed child care experience.  A financially rewarding income. A small business that you can build on and develop your current skills and knowledge. Flexibility of working hours / days and holidays. A business that can be combined with caring for your own children. An opportunity to be part of a network of the Child Care Professionals. The satisfaction of making a difference in your community. Achievement of operating your own business.